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Simpex championing women in logistics

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“As a company we’ve always looked to bring in talented, intelligent people, regardless of gender, and without consciously trying to balance this between men and women, have found ourselves now with a near-equal split, with women just tipping the balance at 53 per cent of the team.”


“In a male-dominated industry, this is significant and I hope this serves to champion women in logistics and set an example of where the industry can go”.
Simon Beechner
Managing Director of Simpex Express

In the UK women make up around 47 per cent of the workforce, but for the transport sector this is only around 20 to 30. Only 15 per cent of women were in top positions. This is actually progress, compared to years gone by but more needs to be done to redress this imbalance.

“There is still a massive disparity between women and men in top positions in the majority of logistics companies, but this is hopefully where Simpex and companies like ours will encourage more women to join an ever changing industry with opportunities in top roles”.
Stacy Woodall
Commercial manager of Simpex Express Birmingham

Transport and logistics is vital for industry, not just locally in the UK but globally. Every sector requires the movement of goods be it retail, manufacturing, construction, the sciences and the tech-sector, to musicians, orchestras, festivals and fashion shows. Transport and logistics is an important employment sector with jobs such as drivers and warehouse operators, and in the office working on business development and freight forwarding.

“I have spent my full working life in the transport and logistics industry, and from the outset women were in the minority.

“I’ve worked in the freight industry for the last 26 years covering air, road, sea & express. During the last four and a half years at Simpex, I’ve progressed from a freight operative to operations manager.

“Although the industry has been male-dominated, I’ve seen this change over my career where women are having greater success and recognition presently and my own journey is a good example. I’m sure this will happen even more in the future.”
Linsey Stanley
Operations Manager of Simpex Express Leeds