Simpex provides a wide range of dedicated vehicles for both UK and European movements. We can provide vehicles at short notice, typically able to make collection within 2 hours and covering the whole of the UK and Europe, both export and import.

Dedicated vehicles are useful for:

  • Urgent deliveries where a direct, fast service is needed
  • Where the implications of non-arrival are too large to risk combining with other goods
  • For time-specific deliveries, such as music equipment for gig, or exhibition goods for a show
  • Movements where loading or unloading may take considerable time
  • High value cargo, giving added security
  • Sensitive cargo that cannot be combined with other goods, e.g. hazardous cargo

Our vehicles include the following

Small Van
Typical Load Dimension 140 x 100 x 100 cms
Typical Payload 500kgs

Sprinter Van
Typical Load Dimension 420 x 170 x 175 cms
Typical Payload 1,100kgs

Luton Van
Typical Load Dimension 420 x 210 x 220 cms
Typical Payload 1,000kgs

7.5 tonner
Typical Load Dimension 600 x 240 x 230 cms
Typical Payload 2,800kgs

12 tonner
Typical Load Dimension 770 x 245 x 240 cms
Typical Payload 4,000kgs

18 tonner
Typical Load Dimension 770 x 245 x 250 cms
Typical Payload 9,000kgs

Articulated Trailer
Typical Load Dimension 1360 x 245 x 270 cms
Typical Payload 24,000kgs

All of the above available at short notice and offered with fast transit times.

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