We offer a wide range of specialised vehicles for transport both within the UK and to/from Europe.

Box or Curtain Sided
Catering to specific loading/unloading facilities or box being used for security etc.

Single or Double Manned
The latter offering improved speed and security or providing an extra pair of hands for loading/unloading.

Hazardous Cargo Equipped
Full ADR kit and licenced driver backed up by our own in-house DGSA.

Temperature Controlled
Ambient, Chilled or Frozen, catering for pharmaceuticals, food, hazardous substances and other sensitive cargo.

Sliding Roof
Useful for crane-loading cargo

Goods that are not easily fork-lifted on/off can benefit from a hi-ab vehicle/facility.

Flat Bed
Out-of-gauge or abnormal loads may require a flat-bed vehicle. We’ve moved machinery amongst other cargoes with this type of vehicle.

Air-Ride Suspension
Sensitive cargo with ‘tip-n-tell’ labels or aircraft engines often benefit from this facility.

Tail-lift and Pallet Truck
Where fork-lift or other loading/unloading facilities are not available.

A useful, portable contraption that works as both a tail-lift and pallet truck in 1 piece of equipment.

…and more are provided at short notice and at highly competitive prices.

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